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Balloon Squeeze Balls

About Stress The word "stress" has many meanings. It can be a noun -- emotional and physical pressure you experience. ("Homework is such a major stress!") It can also be a verb -- emotional and physical reactions in your body as a result of the pressure. ("Homework is totally stressing me out!") Stress can also be subjective, meaning it can ...
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Chakra Butterflies

About the Chakras Have you heard the word "chakras" before? In yoga, the chakras are energy "centers" in the body. There are 7 chakras total and each one is has it's own color and feeling:
  1. Red (the Root chakra): "I am grounded."
  2. Orange (the Sacral chakra): "I am happy."
  3. Yellow (the Solar Plexus chakra) "I ...
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The Yoga Garden Game

Get Bendy with the Yoga Garden Game

Now with 25 new pose cards!

The Yoga Garden Game Second Edition is here just in time for healthy, fun, cooperative indoor winter fun. Players work together to plant a garden before night falls by completing challenges, doing kids yoga poses, and even making up their own! Fun and fitness for the whole family, from big to small!  Find it now in the YogaKids Shop >