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Snow Salutation

A sun salutation in yoga is a sequence of poses, linked together with your breath. They are a wonderful way ...
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Orchestra Yoga Sculpture

This is a great yoga game for groups! Begin with any size six-sided block or dice. Write or draw different poses on ...
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November: Mandala Coloring Page

To color: Click on the image to open it in full size. Right click (or command click on mac) and ...
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Scented Bath Salt Gift Jar

Hey! Check out this guy, floating in a super-salty sea while reading his newspaper! How does he do it? Is ...
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Spooktacular Poses!

We LOVE Halloween! We love getting dressed up. We love eating candy. And we love adding a little bit of ...
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Spinning Senses

Here is a great We All Win game from one of our YogaKids Teachers! Cut a piece of cardboard into ...
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Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee Filter Flowers are easy to make and very pretty! Coffee filters are made of a very porous type of ...
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hurricane harvey

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey touched down in Texas on August 25, 2017. What is a hurricane? Why is it called Harvey? How ...
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We All Win: Rock, Tree, Bridge!

This is a great game to play with friends! Get into a wide circle and have everyone get into alternating ...
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Balloon Squeeze Balls

About Stress The word "stress" has many meanings. It can be a noun -- emotional and physical pressure you experience. ("Homework is ...
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