Yoga Garden Game Poses

If you’ve come to this page, that means you must have the NEW Yoga Garden Game (Edition II) – how exciting! Below is the list of poses from the game. These link to full pages of pose descriptions, photos, and step-by-step instructions that are more thorough than the game cards. Have fun! 

The Yoga Garden Game
The Yoga Garden Game
  1. Bridge
  2. Bubble Fish
  3. Butterfly with Antennae
  4. Down Diggety Dog Down
  5. Dromedary Delight
  6. Eagle
  7. Flamingo
  8. Frog – This is a variation of 360 Degree Owl pose. Instead of clasping the hands behind the back, as pictured in the linked content, place both hands in front of you on the mat, between your legs. Try out your frog legs; hop a little! Riiiiiibbbbbbit! 
  9. Lizard
  10. Moo & Meow – Though on separate cards, when properly executed, these two are a single pose that alternates between cat and cow.
  11. Morning Glory
  12. Mountain – There is no card for this, but many standing base poses, like Volcano, begin in Mountain.
  13. Pedal Laughing
  14. Polar Bear
  15. Ragdoll Ann & Andy
  16. Reach for the Sun
  17. S is for Snake
  18. Shake Like Jelly
  19. Stork
  20. Talking Turtle
  21. Tree – No card, in instruction booklet only.
  22.  Twist & Blow
  23. Volcano
  24. Powerful Warrior
  25. Roller Coaster – group/partner pose